Diesel has unveiled the first phase

Popular NFT collective Heap and Gen-Z favorite Diesel have collaborated to launch a brand-new series of digital collectibles in the Metaverse.

Fans of fashion and web3 will find digital treasures that have unique online and offline value. This includes access to unique events and community benefits, as well as a limited-edition version of the famed 1DR POD crossbody bag from Diesel.

According to the founder of the company, Diesel is the appropriate business partner for Hap since we share a passion for streetwear and a belief that technology can affect the path of fashion. Diesel is a brand with a rich history, but it is also highly progressive and forward-thinking, able to adapt to new circumstances. As partners, we concur with this philosophy.

What is NFT and the metaverse?

NFTs allow you to own own interoperable digital goods in a virtual metaverse. These NFTs help empower your crypto wallet and use cryptocurrencies with metaverse-only digital goods. That includes avatar clothing, avatar animations, virtual decorations, and weapons.

How much is a metaverse NFT worth?

NFTs serve as representatives of asset ownership within the metaverse. For example, virtual land parcels are actually NFTs. The use cases of the metaverse are more likely to expand in the future as the technology attains more maturity.

Do you know if you are ready for the blockchain project?

Analyzing aspects of the use case against readiness for the blockchain project isn’t simple task, but there is a group of indicators if the blockchain can abring value to your idea. I presented 6 of them with descriptions. I hope they helped a the general blockchain or non-blockchain direction.

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